AG Cuffill

The compact and intuitive AG CUFFILL device is the most accurate solution for measuring both pressure and volume of tracheal cuffs in all conditions. Its pocket-size, syringe-like design allows a simple and easy operation by medical professionals, including first-responders and hospital staff, and by users in the home care environment.

Key Features

  • Measurement range 0-99 (cmH2O/ mmHg)
  • Measurement accuracy ±2 (cmH2O/ mmHg)
  • Disposable, enables 100 measurements
  • Counter indicating # of measurements left
  • CE approved

AG Cuffill highlights

• Digital display for easy and accurate reading of the cuff pressure Accessible
• Intuitive, easy, and simple to use
• Pocket-size
• Cost-effective disposable device
• Allows measuring the cuff pressure with minimal pressure lose during connection
• Eliminates the need to induce over pressure while measuring the cuff pressure – extremely important for paediatric use
• Recommended, but not limited for single-patient use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
• Suitable for us in hospital, by first response medical teams and home care use
• Suitable for use with all cuffed airways


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