Our prone positioning cushions support the infant in a position that is oriented towards the body’s centre line and promote a better balance between the flexor and extensor muscles. The cushion is shaped to support the natural curvature of the shoulders, hand-mouth coordination and optimum alignment of the head and body. The little patients thus achieve a relaxed, flexed position without exerting too much pressure on the knees and elbows. Cut-outs on either side of the prone-positioning cushion allow the baby’s bent arms to rest. The support provided to the pelvis makes it easier to pull up the legs.

  • A viscoelastic memory foam assures optimum pressure relief
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Compatible with Comfy® positioning nest
  • Textile covers made of fine, soft microfibre/cotton mix prevents skin irritation and can be pulled over the cushion with ease.

Skin-friendliness and easy hygiene

Numerous of properties have positive effects on the development of preterm babies. The complete light reduction (opacity) and outstanding noise attenuation provided by our incubator covers, for example, plus the long life of our products despite the stringent hygienic requirements in NICUs.

In the case of the positioning aids, 3D knit fabrics ensure optimal transport of moisture, a pleasant climate and perfect pressure relief. The very soft, fine-threaded microfibre material has a temperature-compensating effect and makes a feeling of pleasant, dry comfort possible at all times. Raw and auxiliary materials are selected from a pool of suppliers specialising in the field of medical products/engineering. All products are either manufactured in-house or by certified partners and can be customised to precisely suit your specific requirements.


Service is essential to keep medical equipment operational and safe. Our Nordic service team consists of experienced service technicians stationed across the Nordic countries. Our service technicians are ready to take on your every service need.”