Anesthesia breathing circuit and kits
Limb-O™ single limb anesthesia breathing circuit and kits. Each Limb-O™ circuit is divided by a flexible septum running the length of the tube. Limb-O™ effectively transfers heat from the expiratory to the inspiratory side of the circuit. Increased thermal efficiency rates during surgery keeps gases warm and body temperature normothermic.

Less weight means less torque on the ET tube and less plastic is being used. Decreased compliance helps lead to accurate delivered volume. Accomplish more with less as the single limb design services pediatric through adult patients. Limb-O™ as all Vyaire circuits are made without latex.

Less plastic means less weight

Less plastic means less weight and torque on the patient’s airway management device; Limb-O weighs 34% less than coaxial circle circuits and 25% less than traditional circle circuits.

Limb-O weighs 25% less than traditional two-limb circuit which reduces torque on the patient’s airway.

Limb-O consolidates your inventory. The size of the lumen accommodates both adult and pediatric patients


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