Medisorb™ CO2 Absorbent
The Medisorb™ CO2 absorbent product line supports GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, it is specifically designed to help change out absorbers simply. It is also available in a low-alkaline formulation, Medisorb™ EF.

As Medisorb™ soda lime becomes exhausted, it changes colour from white to violet. With the Medisorb™ EF EX, this colour change is longer lasting, thus helping to identify previously used absorbent. The Medisorb™ EF EX will also turn violet if desiccated. Note: Colour indication is not a definitive guide to remaining absorbent life and should always be used in conjunction with CO2 monitoring.

Medisorb™ product line:

  • Medisorb™ soda lime
  • Medisorb™ EF
  • Multi-absorber disposable canister

Features and benefits

Medisorb™ EX and low alkaline Medisorb™ EF EX disposable canisters provide easy installation and positioning with the GE Carestation 600 series. Simply place the canister on the tray and use the lever to raise and lock the canister in position.
The disposable canisters are designed to be larger and more efficient, leading to fewer changes, less packaging and lower total cost.
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